Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bear Lake

A week-end trip to Bear Lake with Grammy Vicki and Pop-Pop is a cure for anything. It was going to be great.  To start off, we lent our neighbors the portable DVD player, but Bear Lake is only a 2 hr ride and we thought our kids could entertain themselves for that short of time. Well, Abby did great as you can tell in the 1st picture, but Davis on the other hand missed his DVD player or at least Mom and Dad missed it.  Davis was still wide-awake at 9:30p.m. when we pulled up to the cabin.       
This is the story of our lives. This boy refuses to sleep in the car.

The kids are passing the time in the sand box waiting("100 hundred hours." says Abby) to get on the boat.

Finally, the boy gets to ride on a boat.

Grammy and Davis
Abby and Davis with cousin Riley.
Like father like son. While we were on the dock, Davis loved putting his feet in the ski boots and playing with the rope handles just like dad did.
What is it with my kids?  You'd think their Dad was a photographer or something. Definantly not camera shy!!

Abby getting water skiing lessons. 

Abby's 1st time ever on water skis !!! Watch her go!!!!

Uncle Randy, cousin Riley, Preston, and Abby on the famous tube. 
Finally, it's Davis' turn on the tube with mom and dad.

After boating for awhile, we all ended up in the water to cool off. All Davis wanted to do was jump in from the back of the boat.

Thanks Grammy and PopPop for a great Bear Lake Week-end!!!


Joe&Steph said...

We are so glad this blog is under new management. It is so much fun to see what is going on in your lives. We love and miss you guys.

grammy vicki said...

I love the new blog look. Good job, KK. Thanks for taking time to come to Bear Lake. It was such a fun couple of days and I loved spending them with you.

Sister C said...

Hi Preston!!! This is the invitation you have been waiting for all your be spiritually invited to my testimony building blogger!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHA!!!! =)

~Sister Christensen

jenjamin said...

Looks fun! I haven't checked in a while, glad to see you are back blog'in again! Say hi to ya'll from the Hursts in Texas!

Nat said...

I am finally getting around to leaving a comment, I am awesome!! I am so impressed kk, the blog looks great! You must have the patience of Job to upload all those videos. They are fun to see, wish we could have been there! It is about time for a new post isn't it? You can't stop now!

Randy said...

HELLO?! Anybody there?