Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bear Lake

A week-end trip to Bear Lake with Grammy Vicki and Pop-Pop is a cure for anything. It was going to be great.  To start off, we lent our neighbors the portable DVD player, but Bear Lake is only a 2 hr ride and we thought our kids could entertain themselves for that short of time. Well, Abby did great as you can tell in the 1st picture, but Davis on the other hand missed his DVD player or at least Mom and Dad missed it.  Davis was still wide-awake at 9:30p.m. when we pulled up to the cabin.       
This is the story of our lives. This boy refuses to sleep in the car.

The kids are passing the time in the sand box waiting("100 hundred hours." says Abby) to get on the boat.

Finally, the boy gets to ride on a boat.

Grammy and Davis
Abby and Davis with cousin Riley.
Like father like son. While we were on the dock, Davis loved putting his feet in the ski boots and playing with the rope handles just like dad did.
What is it with my kids?  You'd think their Dad was a photographer or something. Definantly not camera shy!!

Abby getting water skiing lessons. 

Abby's 1st time ever on water skis !!! Watch her go!!!!

Uncle Randy, cousin Riley, Preston, and Abby on the famous tube. 
Finally, it's Davis' turn on the tube with mom and dad.

After boating for awhile, we all ended up in the water to cool off. All Davis wanted to do was jump in from the back of the boat.

Thanks Grammy and PopPop for a great Bear Lake Week-end!!!

Pioneer Day

July 24th, 2008
Since Preston and I both had the day off, we decided to take advantage to it.  We started out with the Pioneer Day Parade. Early that morning we went to Liberty Park to watch the floats, bands, and horses come in.  OH MY GOSH!! can you say HOT!!! It was just blazing!! Before the parade was even over we had to go find the splash park area and let the kids get wet and cool down.  Next, we headed over to Tracey Avery to see a free bird show (it was kind of lame). We had a great time as a family. Hopefully we can make this a yearly tradition!!

Here we are at the Days of '47 Rodeo. A rodeo that goes from Mon-Thurs of the week of July 24th. Davis is a wee bit scared of the sounds cows make, so do I need to mention that not a muscle was moved by him during the bull riding.

Kids playing

We got the kids this little pool to have in the yard so I can get some dishes done.  It's a bit small for Abby to have much fun, but Davis sure loves it. 
(These two are videos)

Davis is a fish and loves any water
Busy, busy, busy, busy!!!!!  
Notice: the fence in the background was taken apart so the kids could play back and forth with the neighbor kids. (just for you, Randy)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kayce's Family Reunion

"Ponderosa On The Beach"
June 2008
Every 3 years Kayce's family has a reunion and this year it happened to be in Orange Beach, AL. The theme came from Kayce's Grandpa Cochran. Right around when the show Bonanza first came out, he started referring to the farm as his ponderosa. Just a tidbit of info for those of you that didn't know. Anyway, our reunions are usually a 3-4 day event full of activities, eating, relays, golfing, eating, dancing, eating, and a talent show. Yep, I did say dancing. Since they're all from the south (not St George south, Mississippi south) it's acceptable to dance with your kin-folk. Even though it sounds weird it is weird, once you get over the fact that you're all related and the music starts it's pretty fun. This year we were fewer in numbers than we've had in the past. Only around 100 of the Arvil and Gertrude Cochran clan were able to attend this year. Thanks to all of those who participated and made it a wonderful and memorable good 'ol southern time for my family.
Now I'll get on with the fun pictures and such. I hope ya'll can just capture an inkling of the great time that we had through these pictures. We're ecstatic to share this part of our lives with each of you.
Here's how the trip starts.........

On our way to the airport @ 5:30 a.m. to drop off Kayce and Abby for a standby flight.
They made their flight and just trying to past the time until they get to New Orleans, LA
Davis, Preston, and Gamma arrive in N.O. and now a 2 hr. car ride to Aunt Keli's in Alabama @ 10:30 p.m.
The Ponderosa Dinner Theater
This year the Mitzi Davis family was in charge of the talent show. We decided to do something a bit different and try a dinner theater. We had sloppy Roast Beef Po-Boys with all the trimmings. What a fun sloppy southern way to start the evening. After dessert, Kyle (kayce's oldest brother) and Kayce MC'd the rest of the Program. It was full of comedy, cheering, singing, Hee-Haw, and lot of laughing. Here are some snap shots to enjoy.

Abby and cousins, Cassidy and Megan, doing the Razzle Dazzle Cheer. It goes like this "Razzle Dazzle--Razzle Dazzle-- My name is Abby-I'm number 1--My reputation has just begun--So if you see me, step aside--cuz this little chic don't take no jive!!"

Cousin Ricky doing the pig in "Old McDonld Had a Farm" skit, who, by the way, didn't sound much like a pig!!!
Cousins Sandy Holbrook and Jillyn Epperson in a Hee-Haw skit

Kayce and Kyle singing "The Fish Duet"

Aunt Ozzie and Uncle Arvil singing "Little Purple Pansies"
Years ago an old man who had a vineyard, and little Ozzie and Arvil asked for some grapes to eat. The old man replied, "If you sing me a song." So, as one of the MCs, Kayce, of course, had some grapes on hand to bribe these two for their rendition of "Little Purple Pansies".
Remember, I said that there was dancing......This is a traditional southern Grand March, which officially opens the dance and breaks the ice for everyone (all ages) to get on the floor. This was Grandma Cochran's  favorite dance because  everyone could participate.  She would stand at the front of the hall and direct the march. What a great tribute to her for the Grand March to still be enjoyed by four generations down. 

Not too bad, right? It actually looks pretty fun, HUH!!!
The kids had a great time on the beach and pretty much just that....the beach. The water was infested with hundreds of jelly fish.  They were the worst in over 10 years for the Alabama beaches. Everyone was stung but Abby-even little Davis. The trick was to spray vinegar on the area immediately and it takes away the sting.  According to Preston, there may be some areas that are more tender than others, and the vinegar trick doesn't work as well.

Bless little cousin Cassidy's heart.  She turned 8 in April and decided to wait 2 months to be able to be baptized so her grandma and cousins could attend.  Then Aunt K-K had a great idea (at the time) for her to do it in the ocean.  YEAAAAAA!!  Sounds pretty special, HUH?

Here's Cassidy and her dad, Chris, after having major dress malfunction in the room.  Quick thinking, Chris! He put one of Keli's white shirts underneath her dress.

Here's the large crowd waiting on the 8 yr old of honor.

The 2nd counselor of the Semmes, AL ward conducting, with Chris, Keli (Kayce's sister), and Cassidy.

No turning back now, Cassidy - jellyfish or not!!!!

Yep, once again, everyone got stung!! Those dang jellies!!!
After the the 3rd day of jelly fish, we decided to play around the pool on our last day.

Home of the throwed rolls
This is one of our favorite places to eat while visiting the south.  A place where the rolls are HOT and throwed!! 

This fella in the center of the pic here is a future pro roll thrower!!  He comes around to the tables, and if you're ready for another roll, you hold up your hands and hope you catch it!! But, if by chance you don't, he'll just keep throwing until you do.

We love it here!!!

Salad anyone?